Ave Maria
by Franz Shubert
sung by Antoinette Tredanary

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" ... the most meticulous and pristine recording of "Ave Maria" that has been captured on tape in the last 50 years." - Lee Barrish, North Coast Voice Magazine, Dec. 2003

Not only does Antoinette sing in Italian, she also sings in the original Italian:  Latin !

Ave Maria is perhaps the world's most recognized song. It is sung from the choir lofts of virtually every Christian church in the world, primarily around Christmas time and on holy days dedicated to the Virgin Mary, such as the Feast of the Assumption. The song's lyrics approximate the prayer "Hail Mary", and are set to the beautiful music of Franz Shubert.

This beautiful rendition of Ave Maria was originally performed completely a capella (without music) at Audio Recording Studios in Solon Ohio. The strings were added to the recording later, after the vocal track was complete. This recording is included on Antoinette's "Dreamy Christmas Time" CD.

Very few singers can attain the pitch control necessary to sing such a demanding song without musical accompaniment.




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