Antoinette's Sound System

Antoinette uses some of the very best sound equipment available. Whenever Antoinette and her musicians perform, they always bring along a set of high-quality speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixing board and instruments that are best suited to the room.

Antoinette can provide a sound system for soft piano & vocals in an intimate room, or a powerful set of active 3-way speakers for an outdoor performance.

The following is a list of Antoinette's sound equipment:

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(Primary system)
Mixing Board:  
Primary Speakers:  
Secondary Speakers:
Stage monitor  
Wireless microphone:
Wireless microphone receiver: 
Corded microphone:
Corded microphone:
Wireless monitor transmitter: 
Wireless monitor receiver: 
Wireless monitor earpieces:
Wireless instrument transmitter:
Wireless instrument receiver:
Electronic effects unit:  
CD player: 
Dual tape deck with dubbing:
Electronic piano: 
Electronic piano:
Light controller:
Light stand:

(Secondary system)
Powered mixer

Other equipment:

Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro
2 x Mackie SR1530 3-way active
2 x Mackie SRM450 2-way active
Galaxy Audio - Core PA5X140 active
Sure Beta 87C
Sure model UC4
EV N/D857
Peavey PVM-22 Diamond
Sure PSM600
Sure model P6R
Sure E-1 and Sure E-3
Sure PGX1
Sure PGX4
Peavey DeltaFex
Pioneer PD-V10G dual-tray with key control
Sony WEC-605S
Roland EP-7-II
Korg i-3
MBT LC4800 Professional Light Controller
MBT 4-spot rack with stand

Peavey XR600E powered mixer
2 x Peavey 115 TLS passive speakers

Microphone stands, music stands, speaker stands
speaker cables, instrument cables, power cables,
X-stands, music lights, wind clips, etc. etc. etc.

 ... and a Honda minivan to haul all this stuff!






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